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The Fair Play Campaign Group was originally set up to fight boycotts of Israel. These boycotts hurt both Palestinian and Israeli societies, damage prospects for peace and literally achieve no good whatsoever. Boycott campaigns are also upsetting to many British Jews. We should be encouraging more engagement between Israelis and Palestinians and fighting divisive boycotts.

One of the best ways to fight consumer boycotts of Israel is to do exactly the opposite of what the boycotters want -  buy more Israeli goods. In other words: Don’t boycott, BUYcott!

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There are a few steps to a successful BUYcott.

1. Buy Israeli Goods

This is the most important part of any BUYcott. is actually buying Israeli goods. Especially buy them from shops that are being targeted by anti-Israel campaigners. This supports the Israeli economy, and ensures that a consumers are not being scared off by the boycott campaigners. And you also get to eat lots of Israeli food and drink afterwards!

2. Tell your local shop that you’re buying Israeli

Make sure the shop knows you are especially looking for Israeli goods – perhaps ask the staff there for help in finding them. In a supermarket, tell the Customer Service desk that you are buying Israeli goods. If there are particular products that you want, write to the shop and ask them to stock them too.

3. Thank the shop management

If the shop is a member of a chain, send a letter or email to the Head Office. Thank them for stocking Israeli goods and explain why a boycott would be a bad idea. Make sure your letters are clearly supporting Israel; a busy customer-service department might not read it that closely. Also remember that the shop is usually an innocent victim of the boycotters, so be polite and supportive.

4. Spread the word

Let your friends know about the BUYcott campaign and encourage them to join in too.

5. Sign up to the Fair Play mailing list

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