Sean Wallis responds

In response to our request for clarification, Sean Wallis sent us a longer message. He explains his remarks in the excerpt below.

Your report suggests anti-semitic intent on my part in referring to the words “Lehmann Brothers”. I categorically deny this intent.

But this is simply not a plausible neutral interpretation of my remarks.

As you are aware, one of the biggest political events last year, and an issue that is occupying most of our minds as trade unionists was/is the “credit crunch”. In the case of the USA the collapse of the Lehmann Brothers loomed large in all reporting.

An unbiased observer would have clearly understood that my comments were made precisely in the context of the abilities of wealthy individuals having the means to pursue UCU for damages in the courts, and that any democrat worth the name should come to the aid of those who wished to see an unfettered debate in the union.


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  2. zkharya says:

    Why not publish all of Wallis’ email? I do not understand. What harm could it do? The more it is out in the open, the more people could analyse it and offer constructive responses.

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