Statement on al-Quds Day Adverts on TfL Buses

Following our complaint last week, we welcome Transport for London’s (TfL) commitment to remove the Al Quds Day March adverts from the TfL network in the next few days. The adverts were promoting a rally in which people call for the destruction of Israel and show support for terrorists. Further, TfL’s promise to undertake a thorough policy review to prevent similar adverts being placed again is also positive.

It is unfortunate that such adverts were placed on buses, and we trust that TfL will ensure that similarly offensive materials do not appear on the network in the future.

You can read our original letter of complaint here and TfL’s response here.

Jeremy Newmark                                                                           Jon Benjamin

Chief Executive                                                                            Chief Executive

Jewish Leadership Council                                                     Board of Deputies of British Jews


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  2. Andy Gill says:

    Well done!!!!

  3. Ian Johnson says:

    Al Quds Day clearly acts as “incitement to hatred” amongs shia muslims and Muslims in general and as such can promote “Hate Crimes” within certain Muslim UK communities which is a Criminal offence.

    The matter should be referred to the Home Office (Counter Terrorism Units) for scrutiny as the British Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) Office has an official Anti-Semitism policy and programme linked to the Home Office which should include Iran

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